Overwatch 2 - PvP Beta
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Overwatch 2 - PvP Beta

Overwatch 2 - PvP Beta
Sojourn in-engine art from Overwatch 2

It's October of 2015 and you've just installed the Overwatch Beta and discovered something you never would've expected.

"This is a shooter that I can have fun in?!"

After a tumultuous few years of Overwatch with little to no updates, and the last new playable Hero being introduced 2 entire years ago. Things were looking bleak without much of small mentions of the early announced Overwatch 2 – But then, it happened.

Overwatch 2 PvP Beta

We really need to talk about the major changes that have been made to the format of the game.

5 versus 5 PvP is the most dynamic change I've seen done in this genre. It effectively creates more dynamic team comps by forcing the 1 Tank, 3 Damage, 2 Support Team Structure.

In the Beta this has led a Support Player like myself to see more usage of a variety of Tanks including barely seeing Reinhardt at all outside of a few niche usages so far. The community is going to use this new comp to create some stellar matches.

Lots of Hero Changes which right now we're mostly seeing reworks of the Tank Hero's to bring them more inline with the term "Brawler" or "Bruiser" than Tank. These Heroes can still absorb some damage, but they also dish out much more damage than their OW1 counterparts while also taking more damage, broadening the Tank Role and opening it up to a lot more players.

It's just a Beta and there's a lot more to come, lots of feedback to give. But as of right now, it's this simple;

If you enjoy Overwatch, you'll enjoy Overwatch 2 PvP more.

Personally I'm still waiting to try out the PvE Content down the line whenever that's ready.

Until next time.